As Your Company Evolves, How Can You Take Control of Your Backup Needs?


Fast forward your backup strategy to support finance and the business.

As business evolves, companies are looking for new ways to simplify and optimize their IT environment for growing needs. While often overlooked, backup is the backbone of IT—it touches every part of your infrastructure and business operations. But with all the complexity, interdependency, and fragility surrounding backup, where should you start?

Backup capacity needs can be unpredictable—and with that, come unpredictable costs. Capacity needs driven by sudden business change, for example, can create a massive strain on your IT cost center. However, if your business grows too quickly without the backup capacity and processes needed to support it, you risk delaying business plans, or incurring large associated investment costs. You’ll need to pay not only for more storage, but also for service migrations, licensing, and support—possibly from various suppliers. These elements can add additional complexity to the process, especially if you have a disparate backup environment and no clear growth or scalable strategy in place.

In order to overcome the complexities of unpredictable backup and associated costs, you need a better way to manage, control, and predict your backup needs.

Consumption-based modeling for growth

As IT, business, and finance become more tightly linked together, the inflexibility of “business as usual“ is no longer an option. To adapt to this shift, IT organizations need to work closer with the business and finance sides of the house and take a combined strategic approach.

While there are a number of financial strategies available, some of the most innovative and forward-thinking ones are consumption-based models. Born from the affinity of cloud computing, “pay-as-you-go“ models use a subscription-like method that scales with a business’ needs and helps manage significant and unpredictable capital cost outlay. When it comes to backup, there are now new models that align payment to usage, which can help you manage current and future costs.

A simpler solution is here

FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup™ is a new offering from Forsythe and Veritas. FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup™ simplifies your NetBackup™ management both technically and financially as your company evolves.

  • FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup™ Licensing Management manages your backup licenses—so you don’t get backlogged with vendor compliance or delayed cost issues
  • FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup™ “pay-as-you-grow“ consumption-based model provides customized, predictable payments that you determine—so you can manage your current and future capacity costs as your backup requirements change and grow
  • Additional support services include Enterprise Backup and Recovery HealthChecks to monitor and manage your capacity needs, First Call Support to provide engineer-answered proactive guidance, and consulting support—all of which become an extension of your team and allow you to support your changing backup needs.

With FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup™, you have control over how you manage, purchase, and consume your backup while still obtaining all of the technological benefits of the product. This model allows you to free yourself from the mundane management elements of backup and elevates IT to a financially strategic business partner within your company.

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Follow along as we cover the top five risks of sticking with “business as usual“—and how you can future-proof your approach.

How we can help

Forsythe and Veritas provide joint solutions to help you manage this constant change. Veritas technology, combined with Forsythe’s consultative and business-centric approaches to backup, enables financial flexibility and technological agility—so you can roll with the changes and feel in control.

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