Even 1 GB used to seem like an astronomical amount of data to back up. Let’s rewind to see how big of a deal it was—and then take a look at how to fast forward the way we save, store, and protect all our precious data.

Magnetic tape became widely used in the early 1950s. A 1,200-foot tape could store about 224 KB. So if you wanted to back up 1 GB of data, you'd need 4,465 reels, which amounts to over 1,000 miles of tape, which would almost get you from Boston to Atlanta. 1 …STRETCH FROM BOSTON TO ATLANTA
That’s 4,465 tape reels BOS ATL
The first removable hard drive held 2.6 MB. Each removable 14-inch pack of disks weighed 10 pounds. At this rate, 1 GB of data would weigh more than the Mercury capsule which first orbited the earth in 1962. 2 …WEIGH MORE THANA SPACECRAFT
1GB 3,000 lbs. 3,840 lbs.
An 8-inch floppy disk held 80 KB. If you backed up 1 GB on 8-inch floppies, they’d cover the surface area of a typical high school gym floor. 3 …COVER AHIGH SCHOOL GYM FLOOR
8” floppy disk 9.5”basketball 1GB = 12,500 disks
The first gigabyte hard drive was introduced in 1980. It weighed about 550 pounds and cost between $81,000 and $142,000. That means for the price of storing 1 GB of data, you could buy either a 1985 Lamborghini Countach or 4 1981 DeLorean DMC-12s. 4 …COST AS MUCH AS 4 DELOREAN DMC-12s
The era of 1.44 MB 3.5-inch floppies began around 1987 and lasted into the ‘90s. It would take 711 disks to back up 1 GB of data; your colorful stack would measure 89 inches tall—about 10 inches taller than the average '90s US basketball player. 5 …BE TALLER THAN A PRO BASKETBALL PLAYER
BALLER:6’ 7” TALLER:7’ 5”
The first USB flash drive could hold 8 MB and capacity grew rapidly. By 2010, most manufacturers didn’t even make 1 GB drives—and many were phasing out 2 GB versions. By 2013, they held up to 1 TB, a 128,000x growth spurt since inception. 6 …BE THE SIZE OFYOUR THUMB
8 MB 1 TB x128,000
Today, you can store much more than 1 GB for free via popular online storage providers. In fact, we don’t even think in terms of gigabytes anymore. The rate at which we create, copy, and version our data is so rapid that even the once-unheard-of terabyte is now available for only $9.99/month. 7 …COST YOUNOTHING
By 2020 the digital universe will reach 44 zettabytes , which is 44 trillion gigabytes or… 44 sextillion bytes 8

Forward-looking backup

Clearly, space has not hit its final frontier yet—our data is growing, its cost is shrinking, and we think in terms of terabytes, exabytes, and petabytes. Having a solution that lets you adapt to the ways backup will change is critical.

Forsythe and Veritas provide joint solutions to help you manage this constant change. Veritas technology, combined with Forsythe’s consultative and business-centric approaches to backup, enables financial flexibility and technological agility—so you can roll with the changes and feel in control.

Together, we help you:

Assess your
current needs

Predict your
future needs

Adjust for
changing needs

Forsythe solutions

Simplify the business of backup with FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup™. Forsythe acts as an agent for flexible license management & maintenance. We offer flexible services to simplify your Veritas NetBackup operations in an easy-to-consume package, giving you a customized “pay-as-you-go” plan. Your simplified FlexOps: Simplicity for NetBackup™ solution includes licensing management and healthchecks, and may include First Call Support and supporting consulting services to keep your backup environment strategically positioned to support the business.

Licensing Management manages your backup licenses so you don’t get backlogged with vendor compliance or delayed cost issues.

Enterprise Backup and Recovery HealthCheck brings in experts to monitor and assess your backup environment for changing capacity needs.

First Call Support gives you immediate access to Forsythe engineers as your first point of contact—a small team that knows you and your IT organization.

Veritas solutions

Veritas NetBackup software reduces the complexity of enterprise data protection, scales with growth, and increases agility so IT can transform from cost center to business enabler. Veritas NetBackup is engineered to protect the most demanding data center environments, and delivers breakthrough capabilities for virtualized systems via a single, intuitive management console that reveals all backup and recovery activity.

NetBackup Appliances Family simplifies and strengthens data protection throughout the enterprise, combining turnkey backup and recovery with deduplication solutions in an easy-to-deploy form factor, providing flexibility and cost savings.

Information Map software provides an immersive visual experience for users to gain insight into your organization’s unstructured data. Directly integrated with NetBackup, Information Map displays metadata and enables you to optimize information storage and reduce information risk.

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